Feeling Always Tired And Irritable, An Indicator Of Sleep Apnea

One of the major daytime symptoms of sleep apneais feeling
always tired throughout the day. This is a chronic type of fatigue that you experience no matter how long or how well you sleep at night. This is a persistent type of tiredness that affects your behavior and daily activities. Some people sleep for more than 8 hours and still wake up feeling unrefreshed. They also tend to get easily exhausted. This is actually a sign of poor quality sleep.

Those suffering from still undiagnosed sleep apnea are often unaware of the night time symptoms. The sleep apnea symptoms at night include loud, heavy snoring and irregular pauses in breathing during sleep. The night time symptoms are often discovered only by their bed partners because the sufferer is unaware of the apnea episodes. The sufferer only gets to experience the after-effects of the apnea episodes during the day when they tend to feel always tired, worn out and irritable.

Having good quality sleep is extremely vital to a person’s health. It is while we sleep that our body rests and our cells renew and repair. Our body experiences four different sleep stages which run through different patterns during the night. Each stage is essential to our health as we secrete various kinds of hormones during each stage to regulate our metabolism and other health factors. If our sleep pattern is broken any time during the night, the process of secretion, repair and regulation that occurs during the sleep stages is also disrupted. This interruption affects our body’s natural ability to heal and leaves us prone to health issues especially cardiovascular problems.

Feeling always tired or having chronic fatigue is not only an indicator of sleep apnea but other health issues as well. It could also indicate allergic rhinitis, depression, anemia, and fibromyalgia.

Those who are always tired and exhausted may also have problems with concentration and memory. They tend to feel irrationally irritable due to the feeling of lack of sleep. They cannot fully function at work and at home and often needs to take short naps. They also tend to fall asleep at the most inopportune times. This can be extremely dangerous when they are driving or dealing with heavy equipment. They can further experience frequent headaches, forgetfulness and lack of sexual drive.

Dealing with chronic fatigue

If you are always tired and irritable, consult your doctor about getting a sleep test to determine what type of sleep disorder you may have that is causing you chronic fatigue. A sleep test would require an overnight stay in a sleep clinic or a home sleep study you can do yourself at the comforts of your bedroom.

It would also help to have a proper sleep schedule and ritual to help you rest better. Avoid eating large meals or drinking coffee and alcohol a few hours before you go to sleep. This will only stimulate your body instead of calming it down and prepping it for bedtime. Try to take a warm bath or do your evening cleaning rituals habitually before going to bed. This calms your body and prepares the brain for sleeping time. Listen to calm music, drink tea or have an aromatic scent in your bedroom to help calm both your mind and body.

Being always tired is definitely a sign that there is something wrong with the body. So if the usual rest and relaxation does not relieve it, seek medical help immediately.

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