Cost Of Sleep Apnea Test At Home And In A Clinic

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A sleep apnea test can cost a person hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The procedure called polysomnography for detecting sleep apnea can cost at least $1,500. Add in the other expenses of the primary doctor and driving to a sleep clinic that offers that procedure. Although access to a sleep clinic has already improved around the country, there are areas in which you still need to take several miles drive.

A home sleep test can cost much less, only around $500 depending on the type of kit you ordered. This type of kit can only detect sleep apnea and not other types of sleep disorders.

There are ongoing debates however, whether a home sleep test is really accurate in detecting sleep apnea.

Some doctors including Dr. Thomas Gravelyn of Saint Joseph Mary Hospital, says that a home test can miss an apnea attack because the device cannot detect if someone never fell into that deep state of REM sleep where the apnea attacks usually transpires. Some doctors argue that if the apnea is not severe, the home sleep apnea test might not be able to detect it. Debunking this statement, a Canadian research reveals that both a sleep clinic and a home sleep test is equally reliable. Because of these issues, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine set their foot down on the position that home sleep apnea tests can help patients but it should be with the help of a specialist.

Lately, more health insurance companies are already covering the cost of both a sleep clinic test and a home sleep test. It just all depends on your policy plan. This can be very helpful for a lot of sleep apnea sufferers.

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