Using Pillows to Help with Sleep Apnea

 Every sleep apnea sufferer should consider using a sleep apnea pillow. This is a special type of medical pillow with a unique shape and design. It is made of high grade material making it more durable than a regular pillow. It has a slightly firm exterior that provides support to the head and neck and a soft core that provides comfort.

A sleep apnea pillow is designed to elevate the person’s upper body while sleeping. This is to prevent snoring and obstructed breathing during sleep. A sleep apnea pillow also helps to maintain a side lying position. Studies have shown that a side sleeping position is the most ideal position to open up the airways. Using pillows to help with sleep apnea indeed has a lot of benefits and listed below are some of them.

Benefits of using pillows to help with sleep apnea

  • Affordability – The price of a sleep apnea pillow is relatively higher than a regular pillow. This is because it is considered a medical pillow. It has a special purpose of providing extra comfort while at the same time relieving the user of snoring, sleep apnea symptoms and other sleeping discomforts. Relatively, it is a cheaper solution compared to expensive sleep apnea machines and sleeping devices. A sleep apnea pillow is a cheaper solution for those who have a mild case of sleep apnea.
  • Durability and warranty – Despite its higher price, it is compensated by its durability and long warranty period. Some sleep apnea pillows can have a warranty of more than 2 years.
  • Best used together with cpap – A sleep apnea pillow may just be the solution to non-compliance to a cpap machine. Many patients discontinue cpap treatment because of discomfort while wearing the mask during sleep. This medical pillow can help the user sleep comfortably even with the cpap mask on. It keeps the mask in place and prevents common problems such as leaking.

There are many sleep apnea pillow designs available in the market to choose from. Some designs can accommodate a cpap mask. Other designs aim to elevate the user’s entire upper body in order to prevent GERD, obstructed breathing, and other sleep-related problems. Some pillow styles are specially created to maintain a side sleeping position.

Whatever the purpose, it is important to choose the right size, the right firmness and the most comfortable one. It is also important to ensure that it is made from the best quality materials. Most medical pillows are hypoallergenic. And since it is a medical pillow, it should have the proper certification or approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Sleep apnea pillows in the market

The Sleepright Side Sleeping Pillow is made out of a special type of foam. It features a full facial cradle that aims to reduce pressure points in the jaws and ears. This results in increased blood flow to the facial dermal cells. The pillow also has a shoulder cradle. The cradle reduces the body weight on the shoulders, therefore increasing blood flow to the arms.

The Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow is designed to keep your spine and body in alignment while you sleep. This alignment has the added benefit of keeping the airways open and decrease  snoring.

The Arc4Life Cervical Traction Pillow is primarily designed as an orthopedic pillow, but it also works great as a snoring remedy.

The Snore-No-More Pillow is a hypo-allergenic foam pillow. It is specifically designed to reduce snoring by aligning the patient’s head and neck to clear the airway. It also has a cut-out for the shoulder to facilitate sleeping on the side.

The Tri-Core Orthopedic Support Pillow reduces snoring by aligning the patient’s head and neck to support unobstructed airflow. It is designed for both side sleepers and back sleepers.

Benefits of sleeping on your side

There are many benefits to a side lying position. Many people advice pregnant women to sleep on their left side because it takes the pressure of the uterus off the liver. As for sleep apnea sufferers, sleeping on their side helps open up the airways as opposed to lying in a supine position. When lying on the back, the enlarged and fatty tissues on the palate further drops in the throat causing a blockage in the airways. A side lying position does not block the airways and promote better breathing.

Purchasing a sleep apnea pillow

There are many ways to purchase a sleep apnea pillow. Most medical stores will have it. Another option is to purchase it online which can be more economical. If already familiar about what the sleep apnea pillow looks like and wants to buy one at a cheaper price, buying online is a great option. There are many pillow choices in online shopping sites. The prices will be relatively lower because of discount coupons and free shipping options being offered. Be sure to read the product descriptions properly. Most pillows will have sizes to fit various people’s body frame. Ask about the limitations of the product warranty. Read the fine print and inquire about the store’s return policy in case there was a wrong delivery or if the delivered product is defective. Always buy from a trusted online medical store.

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